A comprehensive multi-sensory curriculum

Jai Vakeel built the first of it’s kind curriculum for students of 6 to 10 years of age. This curriculum includes Languages, Math, Environmental Studies, Art, Yoga and Activities of Daily Living. Our curriculum’s objectives are aligned to the national curriculum framework.

[CIP] Community Integration Program

Our students have been on 51 field trips in the last year and a half. We aim to integrate our students into the wider community as well as sensitize the community towards our students for it’s only then that the true magic begins. Through this program, we ensure that all our children get exposed to the community in which they live through a minimum of one field trip per quarter.

Animal Assisted Therapy (Dog therapy)

Playing and interacting with dogs is known to be a very effective form of therapy. At Jai Vakeel, we have experienced an exciting impact in the area of Animal Therapy through our collaboration with Animal Angels Foundation that began in 2015. Results in 2016, has shown a 39% improvement in our children's responses across the following Parameters: attention span, social skills, communication skills and sensory reactivity.

Digital Learning Program

We introduced this program last year where children are being taught their curriculum via games and learning software on i-pads as we wanted to enhance learning and widen their horizons.

One of the largest sheltered workshops

With over 200 varieties of products being made at our wokshop, the sale has increased by 15% over the last four years. 17 students got into open employment with printers, offices and multinationals.